Unbeatable Hire and Motorholme Hire Collapse

Unbeatable Hire Investors – What next and an offer of help

Are you an investor with Unbeatable Hire and wondering what to do next?

We have been helping a number of investors who are in the difficult situation of what to do next. We have put together a number of options which may be of assistance.

  • Collection of your motorhome
  • Storage of your motorhome in our secure storage facility
  • An assessment of the vehicle – chassis, engine, habitation area with full technical report
  • A valuation of the motorhome based on ‘normal’ economic climate
  • Present you the next step options – We can sell it for you, we can add it to our rental fleet to give you a continued income or we can deliver it to a destination of your choice.

Read more about the collapse of Unbeatable Hire.

If you are affected by this and would like our help please contact Matt Sims who will be happy to assist. team@motorhomeholidaycompany.com

Collection of your motorhome from Unbeatable Hire

Collection of your motorhome may not be easy for you particularly if you are abroad or hundreds of miles away from it. You need to consider Road Tax, Insurance and possibly an MOT.
The offer from the company to deliver it to you may be your best option. Or we may be able to assist.
We can collect the motorhome from the depot it is currently based at and return it to our base in Bristol where we have secure storage. We have space for over 100 motorhomes at this time. 
We have trade plates and motor trade insurance which overcomes the issues of road tax and insurance. If the motorhome needs an MOT this would need to be booked with us prior to driving it back to us.

Full Assessment and Appraisal

Once the motorhome is safely back with us we will carry out a full technical, chassis, habitation and bodywork inspection with video, photographs and a full checklist report.
We will include a full habitation check of the gas systems, electrical systems and more. We are a manufacturer approved workshop too and will produce a certificate of inspection for your records.


We have been selling motorhomes for years and have access to a number of specialist motorhome valuation tools. These ‘guides’ are simply that though and our own market knowledge and insight can be invaluable when trying to value a motorhome correctly. 
Once the motorhome has been appraised we will offer our opinion on market value in ‘normal’ conditions. What do we mean by this?  Well, bear in mind there are potentially over 100 used Chausson 656 and 646 models etc about to flood the market for sale. All higher than average use mileage and all ex-rental. This will undoubtedly lower the market value in the short term. Our valuation, whilst it will ignore this reality, will also include our thoughts on the best next steps for you to achieve your objective, whatever this may be. 

Your Objectives and Agenda

  • We would like to know what you want to achieve from the next steps.
  • Are you looking to just dissolve the asset and get some money back?
  • Are you looking to get as much as possible from a sale and are prepared to wait?
  • Would you like to use the motorhome yourself whilst having an income on it through being part of a rental business?
  • Do you just want a continued income from the motorhome ?
All of the above are possible. Once we have a clear steer from you we can advise on the best next steps with impartiality. 

The Options

We collect the motorhome and get it to you

We can arrange for the motorhome to be driven to you or low loaded to you. You can then move forward however you please.

We sell the motorhome for you

Through our sales arm we can sell the motorhome on your behalf. We operate a fixed return to you based around the market value we decide together to advertise at and after a bit of wiggle room on the price we want to clear 8% + VAT. So, for example, if the motorhome is to be advertised at £42995 we would typically fix the return to you £38000.
By operating in this manner it means any part exchange is ours to deal with. Unless you wished to be part of that sale too. But that’s a discussion we can have later. 
On conclusion of the sale you are paid immediately. 
We take care of all the advertising costs and can offer finance etc. 
We have done some extensive research amongst the Chausson dealer network and sadly most are cautious about offering warranty support and cover. To protect the buyer we would include a 12 month motorhome warranty giving them the peace of mind and flexibility of getting any issue repaired at any VAT registered repair centre. We also include a free 12 month habitation check in all of our sales. 
You can read more about our Brokerage Offer HERE >>>

Join our Rental Programme – MotorhomeEarn™

We own Motorhome Holiday Company – A motorhome hire business in the South West of England.
The secret to our success has been continued growth. Of our customer base and our hire fleet. But we have been creative in doing this. Many of our motorhomes are privately owned and the owners receive an income from the rental. 
It’s a very simple idea based around a 50/50 split of profits. We call it MotorhomeEarn. 
The programme takes away a lot of the hassles of motorhome ownership – storage, servicing, preparation, cleaning, valeting and so on. The owner can use the motorhome whenever they wish and it is collected and returned to us in North Somerset. 
Some of our owners do not use the motorhomes very much at all but just enjoy the income.
NOTE – We have limited scope for growth of our hire fleet. We will be working with investors on a first come first served basis and are happy to discuss models that are lower mileage on a 2019, 2018 or 2017 number plate.  Motorhomes older than this would most likely not be considered. Condition is also very very important to us. 
We are also part of a close community of other hire companies around the UK – some of which have expressed an interest in holding discussions with investors. We would be happy to make these introductions. Note that other hire companies will have their own commercial terms and conditions for operating your motorhome for rental. 

Breakdown of costs

Collection of your motorhome and bringing to our base in Bristol
This can be calculated on an hourly or daily rate.
We charge £25 per hour for a driver so if your motorhome is at the Bristol depot we would anticipate a 3 hour charge.
Our daily rate is £200
Travel expenses need to be added to his such as rail, flights, return fuel. These are added at cost plus an 8% fee.
We do not charge more for the use of our trade plates if our driver is used. 

The motorhome assessment
This is anticipated to take most of a day. We will include 30 days storage at our secure storage business too.
The assessment with photographs and walk around video and check list and certification is £250.

Selling your motorhome
We typically make 8% commission on a sale

Hiring your motorhome with us
See below but we split hire income profits 50/50 with you
Returning the motorhome to you 
By negotiation and agreement
Continuing to store with us securely
Prices are available on our storage business website www.mhcstorage.co.uk
Typically from £499 for 12 months or £299 for 6 months. Shorter terms are available too. 
Prices are subject to VAT and will be invoiced. 

Who are we and how are we different to Unbeatable Hire?

How is our motorhome business different to Unbeatable hire? 
MotorhomeEarn has one key difference to any investment scheme –  you own the asset. The motorhome is registered to you and you have clear title to it. No Chattel mortgage or similar. It is simply your asset loaned to us for rental and you’re free to use it if you wish.
In the event that we were to collapse an administrator would clearly identify it as yours and you are free to take it away.
Rather than give you a fixed monthly return you take a share of Motorhome Hire income. Put simply if the motorhome saw £12,000 of income per year gross you’re likely to see a return of around £3300.  How does this work? Simple. We take the hire income, deduct the VAT, the cost of insurance calculated daily at around £25 per day,  deduct a per hire charge for cleaning and consumables giving us the balance. We share this 50/50 with you the owner.
The onus is on us to make the motorhome work as a rental motorhome. The more you use a motorhome yourself could reduce your income potential. Also the layout of the motorhome is key to its earning potential.
A family layout with bunkbeds like a Chausson 646 or 656 would work hard through the school holidays of summer and half term and would be much quieter during term time.
We don’t set a minimum expectation of income but we are able to illustrate examples which tend to work out between 8% and 10% value on the motorhome.
The motorhome is stored and serviced by us the cost of which are covered by hire income. We fit the motorhomes with a tracker and fully equip them at our cost. Should you wish to use your motorhome you are very welcome to do so and make use of all of our equipment in it – pots, pans, outdoor furniture etc.
Another big difference between our hire business and the Unbeatable hire model is our hire price is a simple daily and inclusive rate – insurance, breakdown, kitchenware tableware, cookware, bakeware, outdoor furniture, car parking, handover ,etc.
We charge extra for bedding, second drivers, going to Europe and taking a dog in selected models. Our pricing is simple and open book for our customers who leave fantastic five-star reviews and come back again and again.
A £1000 security deposit is charged to the hire customer.
We regularly run open days and attend regional and national events.  We are also a club partner to The Motorhome Holiday Club whose members make use of our motorhomes.
We are a small family run business and have been involved in motorhome hire and sales for over 12 years. We have recently won, for the second time, ‘Best Luxury Motorhome Hire Company in the UK’ plus a collection of other awards including the South-West Business awards for Leisure and Tourism and we recently won bronze at the SW Tourism Awards in 2019. We have also won two customer service awards at the 2020 Transport Awards and in 2019 at the AI awards.
We are building a business to be proud of.

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Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to assist further and what your options might be please get in touch with Matt and the team. 
We would be very happy to har from you and help where we can. 

Call us on 0117 290 9000

Email us at team@motorhomeholidaycompany.com