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PEXIT – Taking your pets to Europe after BREXIT

BREXIT or PEXIT…Taking your pets to Europe after March 29 

We are often asked what impact Brexit is having on our business.  Taking your pets to Europe is one element of BREXIT that is certain to have an impact.

A ‘no- deal’ Brex

it gives many small businesses plenty of unwelcome uncertainty. For us a major uncertainty surrounds the taking of our furry (and not so furry) friends away with us on holiday to Europe on the current Pet Passport.

The Pet Passport is something that was agreed with the European Union, meaning British pets, including dogs, cats and ferrets can travel freely to Europe if they are holders of a passport. But in a ‘no-deal’ scenario, this arrangement would be scrapped.

So, should you wish to leave the shores of the UK and travel into Europe with your pet there are some changes you need to be aware of.

Deal or No Deal Brexit – Taking your Pet to Europe

If we get ‘a deal’ the UK will become a listed country.  This will mean the pet passport arrangement will continue much the same as it does now with a few paperwork changes.  However, if we exit with a ‘no deal’ the process would be as follows…

Your dog, cat or ferret must be chipped and have an up to date rabies injection.  After allowing a month to pass a blood sample needs to be taken from your loved one and sent off to an EU approved doctor for analysis. The antibodies for rabies need to be at an approved level. Then three months must pass and a further check needs to be carried out. So, if you’re looking to travel to Europe this summer with your Pet, then you need to act now!

In light of the risk of a no deal Brexit, we’ve taken the decision that pets are no longer allowed to travel with their owners destined for travel to Europe in our Motorhomes.  However, Pets are still more than welcome to travel with their owners on holidays which are based in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

But why have we made this decision to change our ‘taking your pets to Europe’ policy?

Well, our concern is if a family with a pet were stuck in Europe and unable to get back to the UK they may naturally wish to stay with their pet. This would mean delaying the return of our Motorhome. This would impact the next family wishing to go on their family holiday and such delays can cause problems.

So Brexit is already affecting the types of booking we can accept which will of course have an impact on our sales.

Matt was recently invited to the Bristol Post for an interview, a number of small business websites, and  BBC Radio Bristol, where he was interviewed.


You can hear the interview below…

You can also read the governments full policy here.

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