Motorhomers take twice as many holidays per year

Motorhomers take twice as many holidays as the average Brit

We don’t need to convince our customers about the freedom and enjoyment found in motorhoming, with endless opportunities for getaways. However, for anyone out there wondering whether to take the plunge into their first motorhome hire experience (or even looking to buy their first motorhome) then this is the blog that makes you say: let’s do it! A new survey carried out by the Caravan and Motorhome Club shows that motorhomers and caravanners enjoy twice as much holiday time per year compared to Britons without a home on wheels.

According to the survey, carried out by Censuswide, motorhomers and caravanners take around eight trips away per year, all of which are for a weekend or longer, compared to the average Brit, who manages to getaway for around four trips

What’s the key to varying your vacations?

It’s simple: motorhomes give you the freedom to go away wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s no wonder motorhomers take more holidays. There’s no buying flights or trains tickets in advance, searching endlessly for the best hotel offers or even calling up the local dog sitter (if you’re going away in one of our dog-friendly motorhomes, of course). That means when Friday comes around and you’re looking towards the weekend stretching out in front of you, you can turn your gaze to the road and decide in an instant to pack up and go. Plus, with tools like Search For Sites you can easily find hundreds of campsites and even free places to park up for the night. Local pubs often let motorhomers stay in their car parks free overnight (as long as you pop in for a pint and a chat whilst you’re there).

Last minute motorhome hire gives holiday freedom to everyone

We would always rather see our motorhomes out hosting you on your adventure than parked alone on site. So if you’re looking to take a last minute motorhome holiday, don’t hesitate to call! If we have a motorhome free then it’s yours for the taking.

Hassle-free Motorhome Holidays

We’re invested in giving you the best motorhome hire experience. That’s why we offer food shop delivery, flexible pick-up and drop-off times, Bristol Airport transfers and car storage whilst you’re away, all to make your holiday as stress-free as possible.

So, whether you own a motorhome or are looking to hire, you too can enjoy twice as much holiday time per year

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