Earn from your motorhome

"Own your own motorhome and use it as often as you like. Plus get a significant return on it"

Typically a 10% return

Use whenever you like

Insurance for Hire Provided

Camping & Caravan Club Privilege
Membership of the Club included

All maintenance provided

Crockery, cutlery, cookware, bakeware, tableware, table & chairs, power hookup cable, levelling ramps & toilet chemical

Fully equipped for your use

Secure parking for your car whilst away too

Zero hassle – Simple

Telephone support throughout your travels

FREE Motorhome Holidays!

One of our routes to growth has been to sell our fleet to individuals who then keep the vehicle with us on hire and earn a significant return on investment.  

We offer a simple 50% share of the profits. Simple.

Returns vary depending on the model of motorhome but 10% of the purchase price is likely.

The scheme has proved extremely popular with owners who would otherwise have a motorhome sat unused for 48 weeks of the year costing them money in storage, depreciation and so on.

The motorhome is stored with us and we treat it as if it were our own.  We handle all the customer enquiries, manage bookings, handovers and returns and all the cleaning. We endeavour to return the motorhome to showroom standard after EVERY hire inside and out.

We charge a £1000 security deposit to hire customers from which any breakages are charged. Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often! But should something go wrong, it is rectified immediately keeping your pride and joy in tip top condition and our hire fleet like new.


We often have a range of motorhomes for sale with an immediate return on current bookings available.

Plus, after 18 months we often make our fleet available for sale.

Have a motorhome already and wondering if we might add it to our fleet?

Email us and lets discuss further.

[email protected]

What our owners say…

A brilliant opportunity to earn the depreciation on our motorhome back and have hassle free motorhome holidays! We are on our third motorhome with Matt and the team and its a no brainer for our family. Do it!

A great scheme that is simple and easy to work with. Our motorhome is kept is super condition by the team and its always available for us to use in full working order and always fully equipped.

A great idea and wish we had done it sooner! Not the best investment scheme in the world in terms of ROI but does give us free holidays in the motorhome and that has a huge value.

This scheme should be given an award! We love it. We have no storage issues and no maintenance issues. Matt and the team even fix the things we break on our travels and often at no cost! Brilliant!