Get your holiday food shop delivered to us with Ocado

Get your holiday food shop delivered to us with Ocado

We all know that feeling, you’ve got the car packed, the house is ready for a week of silence, the kids are finally in their seats (last minute toilet trips included) and you’re ready to head for the open road! But there’s still one thing left to do: the holiday food shop. Manoeuvring the full car into a parking bay and dragging the kids round the aisles (whilst dreadfully avoiding the confectionery). Or you opt to do it after picking up your motorhome, when all you really want is to head straight out on your adventure. What if we had a way that you could avoid the whole ordeal? Get your holiday food shop delivered to us with Ocado and you can get your groceries sent straight to us at The Motorhome Holiday Company before your hire!

For a small fee we will receive your delivery, check the items against your order form, unpack your shopping and even load it into the pre-cooled fridge and cupboards for you too! That means all you have to do is get yourself here, plot the satnav and go! Simple.
It’s perfect if you’re are driving to us to collect your motorhome or if you’re travelling by train or flying via Bristol International Airport. No one wants to fill their carry on with snacks for the entire holiday.

Get your holiday food shop delivered to us with OcadoGet your holiday food shop delivered to us with Ocado

A Fresh Approach to Great Service

Customer Service is extremely important to us at Motorhome Holiday Company (it goes customer service, motorhomes, biscuits – in that order) and we are always looking for ways to make your experiences better.

One of the first questions we usually get asked on a hire handover is where the nearest supermarket is. We have a few within easy driving distance, so you can head off and fill up the fridge without too much of a detour. But, it always delays the start of your holiday. Plus, parking in a supermarket carpark in a motorhome can be a little tricky, especially if it’s your first time in one. So, we thought why not take this hassle away completely and improve your hire experience!

How to deliver to us

  1. Get your holiday food shop delivered to us with OcadoFill up your online basket on whichever site you’re using to order your holiday food shop.
    Please be aware: Not all supermarkets will deliver to a business address, so always check that our address is one that can be delivered to. The good news is that Ocado WILL deliver to us and often do! It is extremely easy to use and stocks great produce.
  2. Set your Ocado delivery to arrive at our site: The Motorhome Holiday Company, A370, Hewish, Bristol, BS24 6RT.
    You can also find our address on your hire agreement for reference.
  3. Pick the date that is the same day as your departure and make sure you choose a morning slot! We wouldn’t want the delivery arriving after your departure (we have a few vultures on site that will devour abandoned food instantly).
  4. When your delivery arrives we will sign for it on your behalf, check all the items are correct and put it all away in your motorhome ready for you when you arrive.

We do charge a small fee for receiving your food shop and loading it into the motorhome. Please ask for details when booking with us.

Shop till you drop (in)!

Ordering wetsuits online or getting bodyboards for the kids from Amazon? Why not have them delivered straight to us too and we will pop them in the motorhome ready for your holiday. Save on time usually spent packing the car and start the relaxation of your holiday before you even pick up your motorhome!
Just remember, you will need to plan some space in the car for the return journey home if you’re going to be taking new items home with you after the holiday.

Holiday food shop delivered

If you’re flying in via Bristol International Airport, why not order your beer for your trip straight to us. It can be bulky and heavy to transport and, more importantly, not allowed on a plane. And don’t forget the ice!

You can order pretty much everything online these days. Food, drink, toys, guide books, beach essentials, the list goes on! What could be easier? Get your holiday food shop delivered from the comfort of your own sofa in advance, so that you can get straight on with enjoying your motorhome adventure when you get here. That gets a big ‘thumbs up’ from us!
And remember, we’ll never say no if you want to add in an extra pack of biscuits for the team (Matt loves a chocolate digestive).

Looking to book?

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