Affordable Family Motorhome Hire Bristol, UK

Affordable Family Motorhome Hire

We get quite a few questions about our unusual way of pricing our motorhome hire and although we break down the structure here, we thought we’d also write a little bit about why we choose this structure (without throwing all the numbers around).
It’s pretty simple though; affordable family motorhome hire for everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to have incredible motorhome adventures, without having to pay extra for more people to come along. Whether you’re two adults and a small child, one adult and 4 children (although we tip our hats to you) or two adults, a sullen teenager and a baby – you can go away for the same hire price as a couple going away in a 2 berth van-conversion.

Prices based on class, NOT berth

The real genius of this price model, based on what we call “classes” is that within our entry level price range, Comfort, we have motorhomes that range from 2 berth up to 7 berth. That means bigger families don’t have to pay more for their motorhome adventure. And if you want to add a bit more luxury to your trip, you can just search through our other classes of motorhomes. 

All-inclusive pricing, simple.

Our only other pricing philosophy is NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. On each motorhome listing you’ll find our expandable lists of everything that comes with your motorhome holiday hire, as well as the only optional extras.

Affordable Family Motorhome Hire, Affordable Family Motorhome holiday, Affordable Motorhome Hire, motorhome hire for large families, affordable motorhome hire for familiesFor absolute clarity, we wanted to add that list here too:

  • Bedding – £25 per person
  • Car Seat Hire -from £10 per hire
  • European Cover – £100 per week
  • Additional Drivers – £42 per hire
  • Pet Supplement – £42 per hire
  • Bristol Airport Transfer – FREE

No more paying extra for motorhome hire for large families

That’s our philosophy; affordable motorhome hire for families – no matter how many extended family members you choose to bring.


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