Common Things That Could Ruin Your Motorhome Holiday – And How to Avoid Them


Your motorhome holiday should be a relaxing, welcome break from the humdrum of life. A time of reflection, adventure and the source of dreams… right? So how can you avoid it turning into a nightmare?
By reading our guide to the most common things that could ruin your motorhome holiday – as well as how to avoid them of course.

It’s safe to say we’ve had a lot of motorhome holiday experience. That means we’ve had a lot of mishaps and near disasters, as well as a catalogue of horror stories from customers who made the mistake of hiring their motorhome elsewhere. Using the dreadful experiences of those who have turned to us to restore their faith, we’ve compiled a guide of six common things that could ruin your motorhome holiday and how to avoid them.

We’ve also included a few examples of the real horror stories that people have endured, so you know exactly what red flags to look for when you want to hire. From one customer’s M5 breakdown and absentee owner to another that lost hundreds of pounds in non-negotiable “extras” after signing their contract.



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