Accommodation for renovations - Motorhome hire for building work

Accommodation for renovations and building works

Motorhome hire for renovations and building works on a property might not be your first thought… But here’s why it should be!
If you’ve ever undertaken a self-build project, renovation or repair in your home you’ll know that there’s one major question you face during that time: where are you going to live during the work? With repairs and renovations you could try to stay in your home, but with the noise and hectic work going on it’s not a great environment to be in. Sometimes it’s even unsafe to do so. Most contractors or builders advise you to temporarily move out, as they can get the work done faster if they’re not moving around you and the others in your home.
And with self build projects and new builds, it’s safe to assume that you definitely can’t stay in a property that isn’t there yet.

Hiring a motorhome as your home from home

We’ve all watched Grand Designs and dreamed of one day renovating that old barn in the middle of nowhere, with no one but cows around for miles (you all dream of that too, right?)
But if you do decide to take the plunge, you’re going to want flexible and affordable accommodation that you can easily move on site and drive away after the build is done. Sorry to say that our motorhomes might not be quite big enough if you want to use them for the big reveal at the end though.
With a wide range of models and prices to choose from, we can ensure you have all the facilities you require for the duration of your property project. Most importantly, you’ll have access to a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom!
If you have no electric supply yet that’s not a problem, our motorhomes can run off the leisure battery for a good few days, often lasting weeks between charges. Although, charging the leisure battery is done easily: just start the engine.
Phones and other small electronics can be charged easily from USB ports or 12v plug sockets that are pre-installed. If you’re able to get hookup to your site then the motorhomes have standard 3-pin sockets for all your other electronic needs too.
Lights, heating, hot water, fridge and oven all work off the leisure battery, so no electric mains supply or hookup? Not a problem.
The heating can also be run from the Gas bottles, which are supplied with the motorhome.

The best part about hiring a motorhome for a renovation? You can drive away whenever you like. Building work can be quite stressful, so if it gets too much or you want a day out you can just pack up and go! A day trip to the beach or even a week-long escape. Once you’ve hired with us you’re free to travel anywhere in the UK. You can’t do that in a static caravan!

Other accommodation for renovations

We’re pretty biased on the motorhome hire option, but for the sake of choice here are a few of your other options for accommodation whilst renovating (and why they’re not the best choice).Accommodation for renovations - Motorhome hire for building work

Staying in your previous home
Mainly aimed at those who are renovating before moving or starting a new build project. Big catch though; you need to already be living somewhere. If you can do this then it’s probably the easiest option for you. But if you want to be on site and your build project is across the country then this might also be a good option for hiring or renting. Plus, not everyone can afford two mortgages at once.

A room in a local B&B, economy hotel or an airbnb could be another solution. But unless you can find self-catering accommodation then there are more costs here. And what happens when you’re not on site? Not the best option if you’re also the Project Manager.

Static Caravans
For many, a huge static caravan seems the most cost effective solution to finding accommodation for a renovation. However these can actually set you back upward of £3k, even for the older models. Access and utilities may prove an issue and you could incur further costs there too. Plus, you have to get it to site and decide what to do with it at the end of the building project.

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So by hiring a motorhome as your accommodation for renovations you can stay on site at all times in comfort and at an affordable price. If you are contemplating a building project this year, or even have one already on the go, check out our motorhomes on our website to find one that fits your needs and budget. Even if you just need an extra sleeping space on the drive whilst you redecorate a bedroom, we’ve got a motorhome that fits.
You can find out more about our pricing structure here and read about what’s included in each of our motorhomes when you hire.
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