Unbeatable Hire and Motorholme Hire Collapse

Motorholme Hire Collapse

Have you booked a Motorhome holiday with one of the following national motorhome hire companies that have gone into administration: Motorholme hire, Unbeatable hire, Hire Booking Centre and Motorhome Hire UK? These are all actually the same company and they have now closed for business. The companies also had numerous other names and brands that they used online.

As of the 23rd of December 2019, Motorholme, the parent company of Unbeatable hire and Hire Booking Centre went into administration. Read the full article here.

What to do if you booked a Motorholme Hire motorhome for your holiday

The company has started to inform customers who have holidays booked in the very near future about cancellations. In a previous statement, those affected by the motorholme hire collapse had been told to claim the money back from their bank card provider.

The administrators for Motorholme and Unbeatable Hire might be looking for a buyer to take over the company, so one course of action could be to hold tight and see what happens.
They may well rise like a phoenix from the flames under a slightly different name, as is legally permitted in the UK.

Glastonbury 2020 Bookings

As above, you could wait and see what happens with your booking for the festival, but availability of motorhomes for Glastonbury 2020 is becoming scarce. This could risk you not having any accommodation at all.
If you decide you want to hire a motorhome for Glastonbury 2020 from another company you will need to act quickly. At the time of publishing this article, here at The Motorhome Holiday Company we have limited availability left for Glastonbury Festival 2020. Send an enquiry today to find out more.

Claiming hire charges back from Motorholme Hire?

If you’re wondering whether you can claim your charges back, the answer is ‘possibly, yes.’ There are a couple of options for you:

Write to the administrators for Motorholme or Unbeatable hire and lodge a claim against them as a creditor. (You will find their names in the article mentioned above). However, as there are many creditors you are unlikely to get the full amount back.

Under section 75 of the consumer credit act, if you have paid by debit or credit card you could claim the money you have paid back from your card company.

You could also call your bank and use the ‘charge back’ system to have your fees refunded.

You can find more details and helpful advice here.

Remember to always check reviews and reputation of any motorhome hire company before you book!

Motorholme’s sister company Hire Booking Centre were featured on the BBC programme Rip Off Britain in 2019. You can see the episode on YouTube here.

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Always aim to book with a trusted, 5* rated, motorhome hire company (like us!) We can only imagine how upsetting this situation will be for all the customers who have been affected by the collapse of Motorholme and Unbeatable hire. Here at Motorhome Holiday Company, customer service is our top priority and we want all of you to experience a motorhome holiday that you’ll never forget.
If you are looking for an alternative due to a cancelled booking, we have lots of availability for 2020 as we have just had our new for 2020 motorhomes delivered. Most importantly, we still have some availability for Glastonbury 2020 too!

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