Louise's Cornwall motorhome holiday with her family

Customer Voices: A Cornwall Motorhome Holiday

We’ve said it many times before, but we’ll say it again: we love customer feedback! From the very beginning, Matt has told us over and over that customer service is the number one priority for The Motorhome Holiday Company, so hearing these happy holiday stories always makes all the hours of work worth it. So, we’re extremely pleased to bring you Louise’s story from her motorhome holiday in Cornwall back in Summer. Maybe we can all reminisce about the sunshine together as we read.

Louise’s Cornwall Motorhome Adventure

Louise's Cornwall motorhome holiday with her family

The boys enjoying motorhome life

Bouncing down the M5 that Monday morning in August I was full of a mixture of excitement, anticipation and amusement thinking about the fact that little old me was driving this big motorhome for the first time, on our way down to my beloved Cornwall. It felt like a real adventure! With my 2 kids in the back and my mother-in-law, who hired the motorhome, in the front, we were on our way with me as designated driver and team leader for the week.
Jordan at Motorhome Holiday Company had given me a really thorough induction around the motorhome before we left. Everything from how to drive it to how to empty the chemical toilet! I felt prepared although there was a lot to remember, particularly about the heating, water levels etc but I was reassured by Matt that I could contact them any time I was baffled – so off we went!
Our week long Cornwall motorhome holiday consisted of a mixture of staying in various friend’s driveways and a few campsites and we stayed in a number of locations. With the hook up adapter we were able to hook up either at a house or at a campsite and, once set up, we had literally everything we needed! At all times! Wherever we went we had everything we needed.
Our motorhome had plenty of cupboard space to store all the food we brought and a fridge-freezer which we stocked well before we left. The “garage” at the back is huge and was where we stored all our cases, games, boards, wetsuits and where we could find the outside table, chairs, hook up cable etc.
I slept above the cabin with one of my kids and I’m sure it was as big as a king-sized bed. So comfortable and spacious and I slept so well every night. The bathroom is great. Small but perfectly formed and it was a real treat to not have to go out to find a shower and visit a loo all the time. Particularly when it was raining.

One of my worries was to be driving down a lane towards a beach and realising we couldn’t go any further due to the size of the vehicle and having to reverse back up! Thankfully there are signs to warn of this in most places so we were lucky, there was only one car park we got into, realised we couldn’t park and had to manoeuvre back out of. But with someone at the back to see you out, this was fine. I’m quite a calm person so just went with it and ignored the audience. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a small car with you, as well as the motorhome, so that once you are pitched up you can leave it if you would prefer and nip around in the car.

Louise's Cornwall motorhome holiday with her family

Louise’s Cornish version of her “mum rest”

We love a Cornwall holiday. We know it fairly well as we have friends there and with the motorhome we visited Rock, St Ives (very busy in summer holidays), Hayle, Sennen, Mevagissey and Newquay. It was great parking up at beaches in the larger car parks, grabbing all our beach stuff and then coming back for a cuppa and a change before setting off again to our next destination.

After a couple of days I was very comfortable driving it and sometimes, to my amusement, felt like I was driving an HGV as we were so high up in our arm chairs.
The whole experience was great fun and a fantastic adventure. The kids loved it and enjoyed getting involved with topping up the water tank and hooking up and they made some friends in the campsites we stayed in. Mother-in-law was happy as she loves any outdoorsy holiday but could relax without driving, and I loved the challenge of being the captain of the ship!

We took lots of games, cards, badminton and boule etc so we always had something to do and the TV and DVD player was a lifesaver when we had a day of torrential rain. It was a totally different kind of trip than we are used to. In spring we often do an all inclusive in Europe for a complete mum rest but this was fab for a UK summer trip. It would be great to take down to France for a similar trip there too! Or a girl’s trip somewhere without the kids would be great. I have wanted to do this for a long long time and it didn’t disappoint.

Louise Niven, Celador Radio Ltd


The Niven’s motorhome of choice was our 6 berth Rollerteam Zefiro 690

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