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We are on the BBC Six O’Clock News

It was a Bank Holiday Monday at 3pm when the call came in to our PR team.

“Tomorrow the BBC Westminster team are in Bristol covering the launch of the Change UK political party.  We would like some comment on Brexit from local respected businesses.  Would Matt be up for being in the feature.  It’s going out on the BBC Six o’clock news.”

Twenty minutes later we were booked in to be filmed for the news piece on BREXIT BBC1 Six O’Clock News!

WOW.  What an amazing opportunity for us.  And sure enough at 1.30pm the following day an Outside Broadcast truck and car with producers, cameraman and presenter Alex Forsyth arrived.

Matt and Glen chatted with Alex for about 10 minutes on camera and made 42 seconds in the edit.

Matt voted remain and Glen voted leave in the referendum which now seems an age ago. It’s led to some interesting debates in the office. But both are unanimous in the view that a resolution needs to be achieved. 

Matt says, “We just need an outcome now.  We are tired of it now. We just need some certainty back in our business and certainty back in our customer buying habits.”

Glen adds when asked, “What do you think of another referendum? What a waste of money and time and effort.”

Matt chips in’ “Yes, I think it massively undermines democracy in this country.”

Well said boys you did us proud!  The piece went out at 18.15hrs on 23rd April 2019 on BBC 1 six o’clock national news.

Whatever your views on BREXIT, another referendum and Change UK the guys are happy to talk to you! 

Here at Motorhome Holiday Company we have seen a slow start to 2019 with customers holding back on firming up their holiday plans.  Some of this Matt says could be down to BREXIT but he believes the entire saga has cemented a landscape of uncertainty and inability to plan in all walks of life.  Couple that with peoples increasing habit to leave it to the last minute means we are seeing people booking very late.  Despite unusually high levels of availability in the motorhome hire calendar at this point in the year the team have been busy growing the business with 3 new motorhomes arriving ready for the season at the beginning of May 2019. 

Matt adds, “we anticipate a huge rush to book during June and July as people think, right, let’s book.  Usually we would have no availability. We saw this last year and were taken aback by the levels of enquiries that came in or short notice holidays.  The world we live in has changed and consumer habits have changed.  Online shopping and speed of consumption is at an all time record high.  Providers like Amazon Prime mean you can want it, search it, buy it and have it in often a few hours. Whilst a motorhome holiday may not be quite as consumable as this, the trend is here and it’s here to stay. Therefore, we want to make sure we can make the most of this consumer trend.”

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Special thanks to our awesome PR team at Firework PR too.

Watch the news item in full 1’18” below