Christmas Road Trip Playlist

The Not-So-Christmassy Christmas Road Trip Playlist

It’s part 4 of The Motorhome Holiday Playlist series! We loved putting together all the spooky tunes for our haunted halloween playlist and we hope you loved listening just as much. This time round? It’s Christmas. Well, that’s what we originally thought of doing for you, until we saw the endless lists of Christmas playlists already out there in the world (and heard the begrudging moans of our office scrooge, who has already had enough of hearing Mariah Carey on repeat). So, we’ve tried to think of something a bit different instead. This is the Not-So-Christmassy Christmas Road Trip Playlist!

This Christmas playlist features all the songs that have been the Christmas Number 1s over the years that have nothing to do with festive season whatsoever!


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Motorhome holidays aren’t just for summer. When your house is on wheels you can wrap up in your blanket, pour a cup of tea and look out of your window over the frozen lochs of Scotland, or watch the snow fall settle across Snowdonia. All whilst listening to our alternative Christmas Road Trip playlist as well, of course. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out some of our favourite winter destinations. 

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