Earn from your motorhome - motorhome hire review

Earn from your Motorhome – A customer perspective

MotorhomeEarn™ is a rapidly growing product and service from The Motorhome Holiday Company. Hiring out your motorhome in order to earn money is not a new idea, and the growth of dedicated websites like AirBnB can make earning money from holiday-goers, travellers and all the others seem very easy. However, no matter how low-maintenance you decide to be when earning money from hosting or hiring out, it is never without effort from the host. The concept of creating the income whilst doing none of the hard work may seem too good to be true… until now.

Earn from your motorhome - motorhome hire review

By being part of MotorhomeEarn™ that’s exactly what happens! Our customer Julie recently came in to find out more and wrote this lovely article for a local magazine where she is Editor. We loved reading it (who doesn’t like receiving compliments) so we thought we would share it with you…

We were recently asked by friends if we would like to join them on a motorhome holiday, travelling around Scotland. It’s something we had always wanted to do, but we had a slight problem — we didn’t have a motorhome. So we were faced with a decision, do we buy one, or rent?

 We started to trawl the internet to see what a motorhome would cost, naively thinking we must be able to get something for 10-15k. We soon realised we were looking at more like 35k to find something we would be happy to sleep in.

 I then remembered The Motorhome Holiday Company had advertised with us recently,  and they had been promoting a MotorhomeEarn. It’s a brilliant idea, where you buy a motorhome but they hire it out for you when you’re not using it, so you earn an income. 

The other thing with a motorhome, it’s great if you have space to store it, but if you haven’t, you could be faced with substantial storage costs. This is another benefit of the scheme, they store your motorhome for you in a CCTV covered compound, freeing up your own driveway for your car. It all sounded great.

But then I thought, would I be happy with someone else using my motorhome? Will they look after it the same way that we would? I’d really hate it if it got damaged. But here again, they came up trumps! They keep your motorhome in pristine condition, they valet it after every use. So whenever you use your motorhome it is in showroom condition, and what a result, you don’t have to clean the outside and spring clean it yourself before you use it. Plus if it does get damaged by a hire customer, they fix it and charge the hire customer. Insurance for hire is provided by them so all of this hassle is taken away too.

 They even equip it for you with cutlery, crockery, outside tables and chairs, gas, toilet chemicals, and all the essentials you require. They also look after your car for you in their CCTV covered compound whilst you are away at no extra cost, all you need is bedding and towels and you are off to enjoy your holiday. In fact we could even hire the bedding from them if we wanted to save on that hassle too!

Then I thought, but can I take the dog? Yet again the answer was yes! However you can choose if you allow others to take their canine companions; but if you do the hirer would be charged £35 for the extra cleaning and deodorising required, you would never know another animal had been in there.

I think what impressed me the most about the Motorhome Holiday Company was their professionalism, and their customer service which was second to none. Nothing felt like it was too much trouble — because as you can imagine I had lots of questions!!

British excellence award - MotorhomeEarn

It also gave me added confidence, when I heard they have just won two more awards ‘BEST LUXURY MOTORHOME HIRE COMPANY IN THE UK 2019’ and ‘ CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD BRISTOL 2019’.  So if you are considering buying a motorhome, but think it is outside your budget, it may well be worth talking to Matt and his sales team to find out how MotorhomeEarn works.  What have you got to lose? You will certainly learn a lot, I can promise you there is absolutely no pressure.

Julie, Publishing Today.

So, there you go! Another happy customer.

Julie has booked a week away in one of our 4 berth prestige motorhomes and planning to explore the twists and turns of the South-West. We can’t wait to hear how her trip goes! We’ll see if she’s been converted to the motorhome life enough to buy one – only if earning from her motorhome with us, of course.

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