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Driving in the EU after Brexit

So, the UK is due to leave the European Union at 11pm on 31st of October 2019. Whether there is to be a deal or not, we can’t say. As much as we like to think we’re always in the know, this time we don’t know any more than you. There isn’t a lot of certainty in our lives at the moment and we know this may be affecting the thing you want most right now: a holiday And that, at least, is something we can help with.
In September, the UK Government published notices on if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, and what steps the public needs to know to prepare. We are going to break down the information about driving in the EU after Brexit for you so that you can go ahead and plan for that long awaited escape without the fear of not being able to get yourself and your four-wheels there.

International Driving Permits (IDPs)

Simply put, an International Driving Permit is a permit that allows you to drive in countries where a UK licence alone is not sufficient. There are three types of IDPs and the rules are different depending on the country. This means that you might need more than one for your trip. To check the countries you’re visiting, head to the GOV page which is regularly updated for any changes.

How do I get one?

UK Post Office issues IDPs to UK licence holders who are UK residents. All you need to do in head to your local branch and bring these things with you:
Full valid UK driving licence – photocard or an older paper licence
A passport standard photograph – a recent true likeness of the applicant (see FAQs)
Original valid passport as proof of identification, if presenting an older paper version licence
Your cash or card to pay the £5.50 application fee
Remember, different countries have different rules about International Driving Permits! You can find information about the countries you are visiting on the UK Post Office website.

Taking our motorhomes to the EU

Our aim is to make your holiday as simple and stress free as possible, no matter the politics behind it. The only extra cost for your EU destined motorhome hire is European cover, this costs £100 per week and is the same across all our hire fleet. Sadly, we cannot say for certain that this price won’t change after Brexit. However, we do pledge to keep our prices as upfront and simple as they always have been.
You will still need your International Driving Permit, but we sort the vehicle insurance for you and all the extras you need for driving in the EU.

The Euro Travel Kit

Our motorhomes are supplied with everything you need to travel to the EU.
This includes:

  • GB vehicle stickers (which are advised now and will be required in the event of a no-deal Brexit)
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Hi viz vest – per person travelling
  • Headlight beam deflector stickers
  • Light bulb spare kit
  • Warning triangles
  • European hook up cable adapter
  • First aid kit

Driving your own vehicle abroad

For those of you who aren’t planning to hire with us for your EU trip, if you’re planning to head across the channel in your own vehicle then you’ll need to carry a motor insurance green card. This applies to driving in the EU and EEA.
To do this, contact your vehicle insurance provider at least 1 month before you travel to get the green cards for your vehicle, caravan or trailer.

  • According to the GOV website, you’ll also need multiple green cards if:
    you have fleet insurance – you’ll need a green card for each vehicle
  • your vehicle is towing a trailer or caravan – you’ll need one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer / caravan (you need separate trailer insurance in some countries)
  • you have 2 policies covering the duration of your trip, for example, if your policy renews during the journey

Worried about Brexit?

Stay up to date on all the news and advice about driving in the EU and other Brexit discussions on the GOV Brexit page.


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