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Choosing the right Motorhome

“Which motorhome is right for me?” It’s a question we hear time and time again at Motorhome Holiday Company. More often than not, we help you in choosing the right motorhome with a few questions of our own.

Predominantly, we deal with motorhome hire. If you want to hire a motorhome or campervan for your holiday then we have a series of questions we’ll put to you before advising on which motorhome is best for you and your family. If you’re looking to buy, well that’s also an area of expertise for us and we’ll ask you many of the same questions, plus a few more.

When it comes to choosing a motorhome for hire, here’s what we’ll ask you:

How many of you are travelling?
The berth of a motorhome depends on the amount of seatbelts. For example, we regard a motorhome as a four-berth based on it having four seat belts. It may well sleep more people – and many do – but no more than four people can legally travel in the motorhome. So, we’ll need to know how many of you will be in the motorhome when you’re driving it. The law states that everyone of them must be strapped in whenever it is in motion.

What sleeping arrangements would you prefer?
We have no wish to be personal, but across our extensive fleet of motorhomes and campervans we have quite a variety of layouts, with double and single beds in various combinations. Many people are happy to sleep side by side on a king size bed in their own sleeping bags, but we’ve found that siblings can be a little irritable, especially if you’re asking a fifteen-year-old girl to bunk up with her nine-year-old brother. We’ve found it’s easier to avoid the argument rather than try to settle it whilst already on the holiday.

Beyond that, do you have mobility issues that require a low bed? We have one in our french-bed model, the S70DF. Do you need an island bed so the nighthawk doesn’t disturb the early bird? Found in a few of our motorhomes, including the luxurious T-Line. Does a fear of heights mean a big fat no for a motorhome with an over cab bed? All very important questions that make choosing the right motorhome crucial for you to be able to enjoy your holiday without any hassle.

Are you cooking on gas?
No, it’s not an insult; do you prefer a gas oven or do you like the freedom of a microwave? While we’re in the kitchen, we’ll look at how much space you require. Do you plan on cooking up a feast fit for royalty whilst you spend a weekend off-grid? Then something like our Hobby Zefiro 690 might be a good choice for you, with its extra long surface in the kitchen for all your prep.
Then there are the seating arrangements to consider. Many of our motorhomes have rotating seats to create a spacious lounge area, perfect for those evening board games.

How smelly are you going to get?
Okay, this isn’t quite the way we’d word it. How important is the bathroom and shower? Some people prefer a combined bathroom to save on space, while others like to keep their loo and shower separate. We love all the different designs and clever layouts you’ll see throughout our hire fleet and their bathrooms, so you’ll have plenty of choice.

Where are you going?
We’re not going to intrude on your plans, as much as we love some of the trip ideas that you guys come up with.However, if your road-trip to Cornwall will take you down the tight, winding lanes, we’ll make sure you have a compact motorhome that will whiz around those bends with ease. And if it’s a European jaunt, we’ll need to ensure a few things: that you have the right insurance, that size won’t be an issue on the ferries and that we’ve packed it with all the extras that the cops in France demand you carry.

Does size matter?
Yes, in some instances it does. We’ve already mentioned motorhome length in terms of narrow roads and ferry crossings, but sometimes even more of an issue is the mass of the motorhome. All of our hire fleet can be driven on a standard license, as they are under 3500kg, but if you’re looking to buy you should double check if they have extra licence requirements to drive.

Do you travel light?
Most of our motorhomes have very generous garages, so if you’re bringing golf clubs, inflatable kayaks, climbing gear or just your entire wardrobe then we doubt you’ll need to worry about not fitting it all in. If biking is your thing, we’ll make sure that when you hire a motorhome from us it has an adequate bike rack for all the family.

How deep is your pocket?
We’re not concerned about that in terms of motorhome rental, because we reckon we’re both competitive and generous with our motorhome holiday packages. If you’re buying, however, this is a serious consideration and will help us with knowing which motorhome to steer you towards.

Can you make sense of it?
It’s one thing to read about a motorhome, but nothing beats an up close and personal experience when choosing the right motorhome. Listen to the engine and the reassuring click of the cupboard locks; feel the comfort of the chairs and beds that will be your home for the duration of your holiday (or more, if you’re buying); smell the sheer quality in our impressive range of motorhomes.
So come and have a good look around. We recommend that you contact us to arrange a viewing so you can be sure someone is there to show you around and that your motorhome of choice is actually at our site and not out on a different adventure for the week.

Still have questions?

There are many more questions we could ask to help you choose the right motorhome, and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of your own. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime and we’ll try to answer as many as possible. Enquire through the website here, or you can get in touch with our team today!
In the meantime, why not read our Motorhome Glossary blogs on key motorhome terms and the full Motorhome A-Z. As well as this, you can visit our FAQs for more information about hiring a motorhome from us.

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