Bristol Balloon Fiesta TV Advert

Our New TV Advert for Bristol Balloon Fiesta


As part of our sponsorship of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, we have a TV advert playing on the big arena screens throughout the day, every day, and watched by 120,000 people!

By popular demand, our advert once again features in-house stars and motorhome gurus, Reuben (9) and Malachi (7), and they’ve set you a challenge:

“Have you been away in one of our motorhomes yet?  And if not, why not?”

Thanks to Motorhome Holiday Company, motorhome holidays are no longer an aspirational dream; they’re a reality you can have right now.

So, where would you go?

Reuben and Malachi have a few ideas of where YOUR adventure could take you, but the choice is yours. There’s an awful lot of the UK and Europe out there waiting for you.

Are Reuben and Malachi stars in the making?  We think so. Have a watch the ad and tell us what you think.

And please don’t forget to share it.


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