Motorhome Size : Which is Best for Me

Choosing your motorhome size and layout is just one area Motorhome Holiday Company can help you with.  We can help you consider various motorhome layouts,  styles and size as at first glance it can seem overwhelming. 
There are many factors to consider when choosing the size or layout of your motorhome.  Buying a motorhome is a huge investment and you want to make sure you get it right.  Below are just some of the features that you should consider,

Motorhome Size : Space Requirements

Essentially you may think that you should choose the biggest motorhome you can afford perhaps opting for a six berth motorhome as it will give you more space.  But this isn’t necessarily the case as more berths can mean more furniture and less useable space.  If there are only four of you in your party there may be a four berth layout that would work better for you.
Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes.  The larger the motorhome then the greater the cost to drive it around, go on ferries etc.  At Motorhome Holiday Company we have a wide range of motorhome layouts available to try before you buy on our hire fleet and we are always happy to advise on which layout might suit your requirements better.

Motorhome Size : Why Go Longer?

One of the first comments we find people make about longer motorhomes, ie over 6m in length is “gosh it’s huge!”  Driving a longer motorhome in reality is not really any harder than a shorter one.  One of the main benefits of a longer motorhome is layout options.  The space needed to increase flexibility of space is surprisingly low. An additional metre of length can mean huge amounts more storage, large lounge, different bed options and a better holiday as a result. 
If you plan to use a motorhome all year round then you will have different needs for the space.  In winter you will carry many more clothes but in the summer you may want to take surf boards, outdoor equipment or bikes etc. Having storage that is flexible can be very beneficial.
Many motorhome share the same basic layouts – IE double bed, single bed, island bed, bunk bed or rear lounge etc. At motorhome holiday company we can offer the chance to hire many of the layouts and see what works best for you prior to a purchase.
For more information on our wide range of motorhomes for hire contact our team today.  We can also advise on the accessories you may wish to consider for your new motorhome from bike racks to satellite dishes, heating options available to other accessories such as barbecue points, outside shower points and awnings. Plus we can offer hints, tips and advice on the wide range of complimentary accessories that exist such as drive-away awnings, tow cars, engine upgrades, solar panels and security just to name a few!