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The Motorhome Holiday Company’s Best Holiday Destinations

Well, the easter sunshine was great while it lasted. We hope you all had as much fun as we did, full of BBQs and long walks on the beach (we’re true romantics at heart). Last weekend’s bank holiday wasn’t quite as warm but the sun came through nonetheless.
Despite the up-and-down weather, we’ve still got high hopes for summer 2019. That means we’ve also spent a lot of time daydreaming in the office about our best holidays and favourite destinations. We thought we’d share a few with you, as well as our favourite things to do there and when we reckon the best time to go is. Feel free to steal some of our ideas for your 2019 adventures.

Cornwall is definitely my all time favourite holiday destination. It goes without saying that the dramatic coastlines are the main attraction. Walking the coastal paths with Stig and stopping at all the lovely cosy pubs along the way. Bodyboarding in St Merryn is also great fun, and there’s no shortage of beaches . “Seven bays for seven days” is their motto, I think?
Spring is definitely the best time to go, just as it gets warmer but before the schools break for summer holidays – it gets pretty busy after that. Lots of great campsites to choose from whether you are in a tent or a motorhome.

I’d have to say the French/Italian Alps is one of my favourite destinations. The roads are fantastic and there’s nothing like the beautiful scenery you see along the way! I used to go for the skiing in winter, around late February, is most definitely the best time to go. We’ve even been in a motorhome. I’d never go without enjoying the red wine – that’s reason enough to go.  My favourite place in the UK is probably the Gower peninsula. Beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery and generally much quieter than Cornwall and only a couple of hours from home too.  A perfect motorhome destination.

Every year my wife and I take our two young children aged 7 and 4 to Northern Spain in our motorhome.  We take the ferry from Plymouth to Santander and spend a few weeks there.  We love the beaches and the mountains plus the roads a great to drive on, the diesel is cheap, no road tools, the beer is cheap and the red wine even cheaper!

I love going to the south of France – the Dordogne especially. The towns are beautiful and there’s loads to do on the river so you can get out and enjoy the sun for as long as you like. My favourite thing would have to be the evening storms, so going in July/August is an absolute must. I don’t think I’d ever seen lightening like it before when I went as a child.

I like South of Wales. Pembrokeshire has fantastic beaches and it’s pretty quiet compared to most holiday destinations. Still tonnes to do though, with coastal walks and coasteering it’s easy to keep the kids entertained for hours on end whilst staying on the same beach. Since it’s Wales it’s always a gamble with the weather, so best to go whenever it’s meant to be warmest. Even in peak season it’s not overly crowded – if you pick the right beaches!  And if it does rain you have a motorhome to retreat back to.  One of my favourite sounds has to be the rain on the roof. 

My favourite holiday is Spain because it’s always amazing and hot so perfect for a vacation. I like swimming and spending quality time with my family.  But anywhere in a motorhome is fine with me so long as I have my bike, a kite and a body board!

We tried to ask Stig his favourite, but he just got very excited at the prospect of going out somewhere. He didn’t quite understand the question, but we’re sure anywhere with good long walks and something to chase would keep him pretty happy.

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