The Motorhome Holiday Playlists - Summer Road Trip Playlist

The Motorhome Holiday Playlists

Writing blogs can get very serious sometimes, we know. With all the do’s and don’ts, the planning and packing, the hot-off-the-press motorhome news and important information, sometimes we like to just have a bit of fun. This is one of those blogs.
For when the booking, packing and researching is done. You’re ready to go in your sparkling hire motorhome, perhaps our new luxurious SunLiving S70DF, with the open road stretching out ahead. Only one crucial question remains: what do we listen to?!

Fear the silence no more, as we bring you our first installation of The Motorhome Holiday Playlists. No need to scramble for a radio station whilst exploring the Scottish Highlands or the depths of Cornwall. Stop the fight over the AUX cable when your teenager wants to hear their mate’s latest track on youtube. We’re bringing together a series of ultimate road trip playlists, inspired by – well, we don’t know just yet, but we hope they’re going to keep all of the family entertained for both those long journeys to your holiday destination and throughout your touring road trip adventure.

First up? It’s only fitting that this week’s playlist is inspired by Glastonbury Festival’s greatest sets and performers.

The Glastonbury Festival Road Trip Playlist

Whether you’re reminiscing or want to learn about the iconic history, take a delve into the music that helped to shape Glastonbury Festival. Featuring headline acts and songs from their setlist, these are some of the performances that have gone down in the history books.

Here are a the performances chosen (in no particular order) for our first road trip playlist: 

Primal Scream, 1992
Kanye West, 2015
The Levellers, 1994
T Rex, 1970

Portishead, 1995
The Killers, 2004
Orbital, 1994
Beyonce, 2011
Dolly Parton, 2014
Jay-Z, 2008
Patti Smith, 2015
Blur, 1994
Radiohead, 1997
Foo Fighters, 2017
The Smiths, 1984
Paul McCartney, 2004
David Bowie, 2000
Pulp, 1995
Iggy and The Stooges, 2007
Curtis Mayfield, 1983

New Order, 1981
Oasis, 1994/5
Arcade Fire, 2014
Neil Young, 2009

Happy Mondays, 1990
Johnny Cash, 1994
Stevie Wonder, 2010
Leonard Cohen, 2008
Verve, 1993
Bruce Springsteen, 2009
Adele, 2016
Arctic Monkeys, 2007/13
Rolling Stones, 2013
Metallica, 2014
Muse, 2004
Amy Winehouse, 2007
Toots & the Maytals, 2010
Van Morrison, 1987
Basement Jaxx, 2005
Aphex Twin, 1997
White Stripes, 2005
Franz Ferdinand, 2008
Flaming Lips, 2000
Al Green, 1999
Bastille, 2013
Scissor Sisters, 2004
Lionel Richie, 2015

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