Production Motorhomes for Film and TV Bristol

Production Motorhomes for Film and TV

With Edinburgh Fringe 2019 just around the corner, our eyes are turning to all the incredible creative talent seen throughout the UK and beyond. And what can we do to help both emerging and established creatives? Provide reliable, convenient and comfortable production accommodation, of course! Maybe you’re not venturing to the beautiful city of Edinburgh this August, but you’ve got your own projects in mind that mean you need accommodation for production.
Whether you’re shooting on location on the windswept Exmoor wilds, or ensconced in the security of The Bottle Yard Studios, the chances are your actors and production crew need a place away from the elements or the set to relax, recuperate and brew a reenergising mug of tea. Our production motorhomes are just the thing!

Our Film & TV history

The Motorhome Holiday Company is one of Bristol and the West Country’s premier supplier of motorhomes and campervans for film and TV production, as well as the ideal provider of flexible accommodation for production staff, whether they’re on-set or don’t have the energy to return home on their weekend off.

With 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7-berth motorhomes for hire in a range of price brackets, we have the perfect vehicle for your production budget. Practically speaking, whilst the Hollywood-style Winnebago may make your cast drool, our motorhomes will slot easily into small car parks at the studio and are easily driven down tiny country lanes to your out-of-the-way locations.

Based on the A370 just outside of Bristol, we are within easy driving distance from the renowned Bottle Yard Studios and a little over an hour from Pinewood Studios in Wales. And with production credits including Poldark and others that we hinted to (not so subtly) and production companies and broadcasters including the BBC, Mammoth Screen and Decibel Films, we understand the demands of production work and appreciate the discretion and decorum required.

Here for smaller or independent productions too

We may have boasted about some big names, but don’t think that our motorhomes aren’t perfect for a smaller production project! Maybe you’re a film student looking to spend a few days collecting footage in the forest, or you need to spend a few days travelling and researching locations. Whatever your ambitions, our motorhomes are a great choice of accommodation for your production.

On Location:

We deliver to – and transport between – locations throughout the UK
Our Motorhomes make for the ideal green room between takes, providing perfect refuge from the elements, fresh water, cooking and storage facilities and flushing toilets.

At The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol:

Motorhome delivery to the studio
Complimentary concierge service including toilet checks, daily clean, set-to-set delivery.
Collection service.
Full supply of ‘riders’ and provisions if booked in advance.

Want to know more?

For full details of our fleet, service or to a book motorhome hire for film and tv, enquire through the website here. Or you can get in touch with our team today!

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Motorhome Holiday Company; your (production) adventure starts here.