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Motorhoming – young and old(er) alike

Despite our cool heads and businesslike exterior, at the Motorhome Holiday Company, we’re hot-blooded when it comes to romance and we’re definitely warm and cuddly at our centre, so we’d like to tell you a little love story concerning three characters. But fear not; it’s not that kind of story and it has a happy ending with strong potential for a sequel.

Once upon a time, there was a happy couple: Jess, a veterinary assistant, and James, an estate agent. They were young, in love and happy, but something was missing from their lives: Leisure time. Work commitments and extended family consumed their lives, and they knew they needed a holiday together to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, and perhaps have an adventure away from the hectic world they lived in.

But Bonnie was having none of it.

Bonnie was their dog. She was a joy, a reason to walk daily, and company when either Jess or James were working late. However, Bonnie was not amused at the prospect of a week in kennels.

One day, on a visit to Bristol, Jess and James found themselves at The Motorhome Holiday Company and met the fourth character in our tryst. It was love at first sight.

The character that excited both Jess and James equally was a two-berth Adria Compact SP motorhome, complete with toilet, shower heating and all the mod-coms necessary for a romantic getaway, including a big TV and DVD player for a romantic evening snuggled up together. Seeing the Adria Compact SP brought back fond memories of childhood adventures in a VW campervan and camping trips spent drooling over the motorhomes at the other end of the campsite. In those days, such adventures owned their campervans. Who’d have thought you could rent a motorhome?

For a moment they allowed themselves to dream. “We could go west,” sang Jess, in her best Village People voice. “I haven’t been to Maiden Castle for years, and I’d love to show you Corfe castle. It’s amazing what they could do once they discovered stone…”

James considered giving Jess a history lesson, but a rush of worries stopped him. “Aren’t we too young to rent a motorhome? Would it be cold? Isn’t it just for old people? Where could we park? Don’t we have to be in a club? I wouldn’t know how to behave. And what about Bonnie?”

At that moment, a bright light illuminated them and they glanced around to see the gleaming smile of Matt, The Motorhome Holiday Company’s director, public face and all-round good guy. Not wanting to intrude on a private moment, Matt nevertheless couldn’t let Jess and James walk away downhearted. Besides, he loved Go West, though he preferred the Pet Shop Boys’ version.

“Are you over twenty-five?” he asked them.

They nodded in unison, even Bonnie, who had just celebrated her fourth birthday, which made her at least twenty-eight in dog years, though she didn’t hold a current driving licence.

“Excellent. In which case, there’s no need to worry. Even if you passed your test in the last five years and don’t have a C1 licence, you can still drive a motorhome up to 3500kg, and our Adria Compact SP is under 3,000kg. As far as motorhome etiquette is concerned, I can teach you everything you need to know in a few minutes, and I’m at the end of the phone of you have any queries. It’s easy to handle, parking is simple

“As for it being just for old folks, think again. Do you have any idea how many of these I pack of to the Glastonbury and Goodwood festivals each year? And that garage in the back? We’ll fit your surfboards in there without any problem. Oh, and at The Motorhome Holiday Company we love little, well-behaved dogs, so there’s definitely a place for Bonnie.”

And so, after an exchange of information, a lesson on how to handle their motorhome and a quick burst of song, Jess, James, and Bonnie drove into the sunset.

We’ve received a few email updates from them and it sounds as though they’re blissfully happy together. They’ve revisited both Maiden and Corfe Castles, walked for miles, and love the sense of freedom their hired motorhome has brought them. Initially, they hired their motorhome for just a few days, but they’re enjoying their holiday so much they’ve extended their rental period over the phone and have moved beyond Dorset to drive through Somerset and into Cornwall. They’ve already ticked Tintagel off their list and love the ease of access they have in the Compact SP as they continue their adventure. In fact, they’ve squeezed in so many sights that we’re considering an entire blog on their route so that others can plan similar motorhome holiday adventures in the southwest.

Jess wrote, We feel perfectly at home in the Compact and Bonnie’s become a proud guard dog. We’ve decided we want to take it away to the Lake District in the autumn, so consider this a booking!

We just hope they bring her home to us first.


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