Motorhomes at Music festivals - Our Guide

Our Guide to Motorhomes at Music Festivals

The day is nearly here! Glastonbury Festival 2019 kicks off this week and all of our motorhomes are getting ready to be swept away for their music-fuelled weekends. Taking a motorhome or campervan to a music festival has become very popular over the last few years. The draw of a warm bedroom, full double bed, flushing toilet and working shower can be too much to resist after a day of mud, rain and music. But there’s a few extras to think about if you’re planning on taking four wheels to a festival this year. We were planning to write this blog post specifically on our hints and tips about having a motorhome or campervan at Glastonbury 2019, but we thought the summer season involves more than just one festival. So, we decided to expand it. Here is our guide to Motorhomes at Music Festivals.

Taking a Motorhome to a Festival

Before you go


At most festivals you will need your standard festival entrance ticket as well as the ticket that allows you to park and camp in the designated fields.


We know! No one actually reads these when they tick the box. But we mean the actual festival terms & conditions, usually found on the organisers website with the main information pages. You’ll need to know about when you can arrive and park with your motorhome (usually the afternoon or night before the main part of the festival begins) and other useful information specific to each festival you’re heading to. There are also often restrictions you need to know about:


Most festivals don’t allow glass in the main stage areas, some don’t allow it anywhere within the festival site. Check what’s allowed before you start stocking your motorhome up with all the discounted vodka you can find at the supermarket – or discounted jam, if you’re going sober for the weekend. This will also be found within the festival terms and conditions on their website or info page.

It may also be wise not to take any particularly large, machete-style knives as well. Just in case the stewards and security get the wrong idea…


Make sure you know how everything works before you leave. If you’re hiring from us, you’ll receive a full hand-over so that you won’t be stuck not knowing how to open your garage or get the gas working. There’s nothing worse than stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out where the lights are and how to turn them on (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).


Carrying on from our last point: if the weather is bad, you may well get stuck. Know where your tow point is and how to connect it. Otherwise, you might be there a lot longer than necessary.

Side note: if you do end up having to be towed by the festival organisers then it’s worth taking some photographs or filming it. If there’s any damage caused then you may have some recourse with the organiser to reclaim costs.


The Festival Sites


Most festivals don’t have electric hook up and won’t allow generators so make sure your leisure battery is fully charged before you head off and it should, if in good condition, last the duration.

Also: don’t forget to bring spare gas canisters if you think you’ll need them


It may even be wise to invest in battery/charger packs for your mobile phone and other electronics you might be bringing. Every little helps to conserve your energy for the long weekends.


Don’t empty it in the fields. There will be proper waste disposal for both grey-water and toilet chemical at any festival that allows motorhomes and campervans.
You most likely won’t be able to drive to the waste sites, so make sure you have a way to transport your grey-water to the drains.


There will also be access to fresh water, so don’t forget to bring a water carrier with you to refill the tank. We can provide these with our hires so don’t hesitate to request one.

ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN – GET A FLAG Motorhomes at Music festivals - Motorhome or campervan at festival

You are going to be surrounded by a lot of motorhomes… and campervans… and van conversions. After a while, even we start thinking they all look the same. Get yourself a flagpole for your campsite and, if you’re prone to losing your group, take another one into the main site. Don’t get lost in the crowd! We’ve seen some inventive ideas over the years, including some very brightly colour boxers – they definitely stood out. Take some inspiration from Glastonbury 2017.


Hearing feedback from friends and customers who have ventured to Glastonbury or another music festival in a motorhome, there’s no need to stock up on huge amounts of food to take with you. There are so many amazing food stands at festivals that you won’t want to cook – so save yourself the energy and the cleaning and try the worldly cuisine you’ll find in the main festival site.

We think that you only need to pack the morning essentials (especially if you need help getting up and out of a hangover): tea, coffee, sugar, milk, bread, eggs and bacon (and some ketchup if you’re feeling adventurous). Of course, if you’re hiring with us then the tea, coffee and sugar are already included in our complementaries.


Try to source one! Unfortunately we don’t have any available with our hires, but we can certainly help you find the right one for your motorhome.  However, some festival organisers, including Glastonbury in 2019, have banned Gazebos. Cheap at only around £30 from the likes of ASDA, they sadly get left behind creating waste. So check the terms and conditions of the event you are attending. 


Whilst You’re there


It will most likely be a long morning getting all the motorhomes and campervans off the festival site – especially if the weather hasn’t been kind. As with camping, try to avoid parking at the bottom of any hills, even if it gets you a little closer to the main site. Just like the campers floating on their airbeds in the morning, you won’t be laughing when you’re stuck in a bog and last to leave the site when the festival ends.


If you’re in a group, it’s likely you won’t all be heading back to camp at the same time. Think about taking spare keys for your motorhome or campervan. If you’re hiring don’t leave a key out – no matter how well hidden you might think it is. With most hire companies, including us, this voids any insurance claims if the motorhome is stolen. It’s not worth the risk, trust us.


Same as with leaving keys, make sure you lock up whenever you’re away from the motorhome. Nothing could ruin your weekend more than if your lovely dry home for the weekend has been ransacked whilst you pop out to visit a neighbour.


Some festival sites are flatter than others. Make sure you have levelling ramps with you just in case. The last thing you want is your 1 hour of sleep interrupted by an unexpected meeting with the floor.


You’re running on the leisure battery so don’t leave anything on! It’s unlikely you’ll be spending much time in the motorhome throughout the day so make sure you’re not wasting any energy by leaving a phone on charge or the bathroom light on.

KEEPING CLEAN Motorhomes at Music festivals - muddy weather at festival - how to keep clean

Festivals are muddy. There’s no way to avoid it. Especially if the sky decides to open up like these infamous years of torrential rain and flooding at Glastonbury. We know that none of our fleet are going to come back looking as spick and span as they will before leaving us. However, if you want to avoid having to scrub the interior down before returning it or paying extra for a cleaning charge then you might want to be a little conscious of how much of the festival you let inside the motorhome.

Here are a few tips and tricks that we’ve heard over the years:

  • If your motorhome or camper is carpeted, bring a newspaper to put down on the floor.
  • Enter and Strip. Have some clean, comfy clothes to change into as soon as you get inside. You’ll feel better and it’ll help keep the outside out.
  • We’ve heard two good options for your muddy boots:
    1. Keep a bin bag by the door to take your shoes off in. Leave them in there till they’re next needed.
    2. Get an old plastic box that’s low enough to slide under the motorhome – this option saves you room inside!
  • Find your own way to sparkle. Glitter is the single hardest thing to get rid of. Worse than sand (really truly). If you don’t want to be finding it stuck to every surface and within each crevice for months and months after the festival then please just avoid it. Especially if you’re taking a hire motorhome or campervan. Plus, it’s incredibly bad for the environment with traditional glitter being made of plastic. 

On the other side of things, don’t be precious! Festivals are grubby and sometimes it’s best to just revel in it. Don’t take anything with you that you’ll be distraught if you lost or dropped in slosh of mud and water.



You can never be reminded too many times for this one. Don’t forget your festival ticket – or the parking ticket! As mentioned before, you may need separate tickets to camp in a motorhome at a festival site so make sure you double check!


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