Meet the Motorhome: Pilote - Sensation 740G - A-Class Motorhome for Hire

Meet The Motorhome: Our A-Class Motorhome for Hire

Pilote Sensation 740G

If doing a motorhome holiday in a bit of style is your ‘thing’ and you don’t mind causing some head turning from those you encounter, then you need to consider an adventure in this motorhome. The Pilote Sensation 740G is one of our flagship models. As our only A-Class motorhome for hire, the Pilote Sensation is our most spacious and luxurious 4 berth motorhome. It has a fantastic interior layout and can still be driven on a standard car licence – yes really!

So what makes it special?

Well on first encounters the exterior sets it apart. The apparently larger body design makes it look imposing and impressive at the same time. In actual fact it’s no wider or taller than a more standard 4 berth motorhome – but looks can be deceptive!

From afar this motorhome incites phrases like “wow!” and “Can we see inside?” as well as, “Gosh that looks impressive!” On entering our Pilote 740G the lounge really does impress with its succulent white and cream leather. The table is large, the seats look impressive and the windscreen looks huge! The driving position looks welcoming and begs the driver to take a seat and start to plan their next journey whilst the kitchen area inspires the next meal.The hob is genius, with a mix of electric and gas hob. Perfect for being hooked up to a campsite or camping in the wilds of Scotland.

The bedroom is immediately obvious to large single beds looking comfortable and roomy. Pus, they join in the middle to form a large double bed. The shower is enticing too. It’s a separate cubicle and keeps the water contained from the bathroom. The toilet is hidden behind a door offering privacy and space at the same time. The mystery is the second king size double bed. In only a few seconds its secret is revealed. Simply lower the driver and passenger seats and pull the bed down from the ceiling. It’s huge too! Accessed by a small ladder it’s ideal for adults or children alike.

Pilote - Sensation 740G - Meet The Motorhome: A-Class Motorhome for Hire

The real treat is this motorhome interior by night. As the sun sets the interior lights up and it’s impressive. LED ambient lighting is everywhere. It has been cleverly designed to feel extremely homely and warm. The subtle lighting compliments the wood and leather perfectly and from outside is a sight to behold. From inside you simply want to curl up with underfloor heating and a good book.

But our a-class motorhome for hire isn’t all show and no go! Far from it. It has a perfectly capable engine and can be driven by anyone with a standard car driving licence, yes really! It has a large garage to the rear with external shower too. Ideal for getting rid of the sand after a day on the beach. Then, once inside the usual home comforts are there to welcome you. These include a kitchen with oven, grill, large fridge and freezer, electric and gas hob plus loads of storage space. The TV and built in DVD player are there for your entertainment too.

The layout of this motorhome lends itself to families, couples or friends going away together who can enjoy the separate sleeping areas. It’s perfect for trips to a motoring or sporting weekend or a luxury holiday in the UK or Europe.

What is an A-class motorhome?

The term A-Class refers to the body shape at the front of the motorhome. The original chassis and dashboard are presented to the motorhome converter who then adds their own exterior body to it. This includes the cab. It usually results in a motorhome exterior design that looks more like a bus and can look very expensive and impressive. An A-Class motorhome does usually carry a premium price and is often associated with more expensive brands of motorhomes. They have huge kerb appeal and can look quite imposing. If you want to know more about the different motorhome classes, there’s a great article that explains it here.

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