Aged 25-75? You are welcome!

We are delighted to announce that our age limit to drive a motorhome has been increased! We are now able to insure drivers aged up to 75 years of age to drive one of our hired motorhomes.

In previous years our insurer’s age limit to drive a motorhome was just 70.  We always felt this was unfair and unjustified but 70 was a milestone age for DVLA.  However, from March 2017 we have managed to raise the age limit to 75.  

This means if you are 75 and 363 days old we can insure you to drive one of our motorhomes and experience the freedom and joy a motorhome holiday has to offer!  We realise the reality that we are living longer with lots of energy and many of our customers have a desire to experience a motorhome holiday for themselves before they buy one.  Why not Try Before You Buy and hire a motorhome for your weekend adventure or longer!

Drivers must have passed their test more than 2 years ago and have a relatively clean licence.

Remember though, that once you turn 70 the DVLA remove your entitlement to drive over 3500kg.  This entitlement is called ‘C1’.  Thankfully the vast majority of our motorhomes to NOT require a C1 licence entitlement.

For full details get in touch with us.