Adria’s Smallest Superstars

At the Motorhome Holiday Company, we love Adria. We’ve been proud to be their premier motorhome rental outlet and an exclusive Try Before You Buy partner in the UK since our inception. Adria is one of the world’s biggest motorhome and campervan manufacturers. Their vehicles form the biggest part of our fleet and, as we all know, big is beautiful.

However, great things also do come in very small packages, and recently Adria invited us to send two of our smallest superstars to take an exclusive tour around one of theirs.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce the Adria Compact Plus SP with an exclusive online tour by the Motorhome Holiday Company’s very own superstars, Reuben and Malachi. As you’ll see from their short video, they loved the experience as much as the camera loves them. They even managed to raid the Adria wardrobe department first.

We’re delighted that Adria are promoting the Compact Plus SP through us with our Try Before You Buy scheme. It’s the perfect way to familiarise yourself with this great little motorhome through a rental deal for your holiday or weekend road trip before investing in it for your own exclusive use.

The Compact Plus SP is a brand new, stunning two-berth motorhome. Adria have included four seatbelts so that you can take a couple of friends on holiday with you. There’s even plenty of space in the garage to stash their tent so that you can evict them when you’re ready for some peace. In fact there’s oodles of storage space.  Just lift up the bed and you’ll find a rail and coat hangers for those items you don’t want to fold. As Reuben demonstrates, there’s even secret storage for the cakes you don’t want to share.

Why not visit us for a close up look and to book your next motorhome adventure with us?

In the meantime, watch this space for more smallest superstar videos from Reuben and Malachi and don’t forget to visit our website for more guided tours!

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